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Ankita Yadav, a budding fashion designer completed her bachelors from  NIFT, Delhi in 2014. She excels at creating remarkable designs of contemporary, Indian and Western culture inspired Fashion. She also dons a knack of recreating subtle as well as peculiar blends of different clothing cultures from all around the globe, making it the best stop for all the fashion lovers. .Her antique and unique sense of designing was remarkably received and nurtured when she worked with few of the most renowned names in the fashion industry including Ridhi Mehra, Tarun Tahiliani, Yogesh Chaudhary and more.


Her love for the work became the essence of her life, and this inspired her to bring to the world ARKYA, a name originating from the word ‘ARK’ which in Hindi means the ‘essence’.

She spent her childhood growing up in the vicinity of Aravali hills in the princely state of Pataudi. Living in a joint family, taught her the art of blending and adjusting the different colors of life.

While traveling the usual streets and routes in and around the city, it was in the mundane things that she visualized the most artistic textures and brought to life the most subtle and romantic fusion of colour and designs. As a very avid and hard-working designer, she has produced the most eye-turner outfits, blending the spiritual art of comfort and intricately detailed mesmerizing ensembles.